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The arts, Viewing Anime, Reading Manga, Event Organising & Charity Socials, Driving, Cooking, D.I.Y, Live Performance and Occasional Gaming.

Visual Influence:

Thores, Shibamoto, Shin Takahashi, Masamune Shirow, Adam Warren, Dave Gibbons, Erik Ko, Ito Ogure, CLAMP, Yukito Kishiro, Michitaka Kikuchi, Kentaro Miura, Lauren Faust, Kousuke Fujishima, and many more.

Musical Influence:

Rock, Metal, Celtic, Choral, Classical, Merseybeat, Electronica and progressive sound.
Blind Guardian, Dir En Grey, Halestorm, Alice Cooper, Placebo, Katzenjammer, Steam Powered Giraffe, Doro Pesch, Erutan etc.

Tools of the trade:

Acer Laptop, Home-build PC, Cintiq WX, 3.5 H pencils, Colourfine Douga Lead, Occasional Power Tools, 440 fold Ninja Blade and an army of trained assassin squirrels.


'Anything once, Everything Twice.'
"I only want your happiness...
...knowing I can never be yours to share it."